My name is  
Jurgens du Toit.
Systems Developer.
Problem Solver.

About Me

Technology and Solving Problems are my passion. I'm a South African that loves my wife, life, and coding.

I'm writing a book!

The Logstash Config Guide

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These are some of the books I've read that helped me improve my skills. It might help you as well.

Code Complete

The definitive guide to creating great code. A must read for any developer serious about his craft.

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer

The best kind of design is one that gets out of your way. Sandi Metz has a great way of describing such a design.

PHP/Architect's Guide to Enterprise PHP Development

A well structured coder CAN produce quality PHP code. This book includes good advice that will help you get there.

JavaScript Bible

This tome takes you way beyond coding with frameworks such as JQuery, and teaches you how to write proper JavaScript.

JavaScript Web Applications

Go beyond using JavaScript to just pretty up pages and make things move. Create all out web pages using this as your guide.

Feel free to suggest more resources / books in the comments!

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